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Dated 24th April 2006



Central Electricity Authority,

Sewa Bhawan, 
New Delhi – 110 066



Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission,

Viniyamak Bhawan, C- Block, Shivalik,

Malviya Nagar,

New Delhi




Dear Sirs,


This has with reference to Notice published in Newspapers for Public response in the Hindustan Times dated 7th April 2006 from (1) North Delhi Power Limited, (2) BSES-Yamuna Power Limited, (3) BSES-Rajdhani Power Limited, (4) Pragati Power Corporation Limited, (5) Indraprastha Power Generation Co. Limited, and another Notice published by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission in the Times of India for the same purposes. 


That time given in all the Notices are also not appropriate to make in depth study on any of the application submitted by any Power Generating or supply Company relating to the commercial aspects and to find out any possible accounting manipulations. As such, I am reserve my Right to take appropriate steps, if and whenever I finds any manipulations. Therefore, herein, I am not dealing with the aforesaid subjects relating to commercial aspects and possible accounting manipulations, with reference to aforesaid advertisement. 


However, I am placing my objection against limited point relating to infringement of the Citizen’s Right not to be penalized for the offence which they have not committed, while presently they are convicted.


That the burden upon honest consumers against cost on account of theft of the Electricity is illegal, unconstitutional and void, and consumers are convicted for no fault against their Fundamental Rights, Guaranteed under Article 20(1) of the Constitution of India, which guarantees that "No person shall be convicted of any offence except for violation of a law in force at the time of the commission of the act charged as an offence, nor be subjected to a penalty greater than that which might have been inflicted under the law in force at the time of the commission of the offence."         


Whether conviction is in terms of Jail or in terms of Money always stands as conviction. The fact remains that the Bona fide electricity users/payers are convicted to pay also the amount on account of the theft of energy caused by habitual energy thieves. The theft is a crime and prevention of the crime is the issue of law and order, and it should be prevented by the Law Enforcement Agencies. In this case Delhi, is covered by the Delhi Police Force, working under the Union of India. As per Reports theft in their respective Distribution areas is (1) North Delhi Power Limited: 31.10% (2) BSES-Yamuna Power Limited: 39.95% and (3) BSES-Rajdhani Power Limited 31.10% as admitted in their respective Petitions before the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission.       


That before submitting another object, first of all I must clarify that I am not opposing supply of the Electricity at the concessional rate of charges for the electricity consumed by the Consumers from the Weaker Section of the Society. I am of the view that differentiated amount on account of the concessional rate of charges charged for the supply of the Electricity to the Consumers from the weaker section of the society must be paid by the STATE from the Budgetary Support.


I hope that Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission at the time of taking any decision aforesaid issue should kept in mind. In any case, if aforesaid Issue relating to Infringement Rights of the Citizens by imposing/convicting the amount on account of the loss of the Electricity due to theft, then I may move an Writ Petition for remedies against such infringement of such fundamental rights of the Citizen.


Yours Faithfully,




(Milap Choraria)

National Convenor

Movement for Accountability to Public (MAP)

B-5/52, Sector-7,




Copies to:

1.         Union of India, Through Cabinet Secretary, Rashtrapati Bahwan, New Delhi-110004

2.         Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, Shram Shakti Bhavan, Ministry of Power, New Delhi - 1

3.         Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, Through Chief Secretary, Delhi. Kind Attention SHRI  S. REGUNATHAN

4.         Shri Satish Seth, Chairman, BSES-Yamuna Power Limited, Shaki Kiran Building,

Karkardoma, New Delhi-110092

5 .        Shri Satish Seth, Chairman, BSES-Rajdhani Power Limited, BSES Bhawan,

Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019

6.         Mr. Anil Kumar Sardana, Managing Director, North Delhi Power Limited,

(A Tata Power and Delhi Government Joint Venture), Grid Sub-Station Building,

Hudson Lines, Kingsway Camp, New Delhi-110019

7.         Principal Officer, Pragati Power Corporation Limited, (A Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Undertaking) Himadri, Rajghat Power House Complex, New Delhi-110002

8.         Principal Officer, Indraprastha Power Generation Co. Limited, A Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi undertaking) Himadri, Rajghat Power House Complex, New Delhi-110002

For their kind information with humble request to address the issue raised herein.


Truth Shall prevail